Announcing Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK open source on Github

This morning we released Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK as a full open source project(Apache 2 license) on Github. Meanwhile, there are some new features and capabilities along with this release. These new capabilities include:

  • • Storage 2.0 upgrade: we make our SDK compatible with storage SDK 2.0 now
  • Last version for storage 1.7: we released the last version of storage 1.7 with notification API but in the future, we will iterate on Storage 2.0 and above dependency
  • Notification APIs: adding encoding notification APIs enables you to monitor your encoding progress

Here is five simple steps for using Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK on Github: 

Step 1: install Github Windows Client:

Step 2: Go to WAMS Github page:

WAMS-githubStep 3: You could either press (1) Clone in Windows or (2) download Zip file showed on the print-screen above. By pressing (2), you are getting a Zip file for source code. If you pressed (1), you will proceed to Step 4 which enables you to folk and commit in the future.

Step 4: After clicking on (1), Github will prompt you to launch your desktop application. Click on Launch application. Then, you will see source code gets sync on your local drive.

Github-imageStep 5: Go to your source code folder, open \azure-sdk-for-media-services\SDK.Client.sln and you will see all the source code listed in your project.


We are looking forward to your contributions on this Github project. George Trifonov (@GeorgeTrifonov) is the lead developer for this project and he will look into the commit.  For more development information, please check out our developer page.

p.s I received questions about what happen to NuGet package in the future. We will continue our efforts for producing NuGet package and the next release is coming very soon. Stay tuned.

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