Bulgaria Microsoft Techdays 11 – sofia

This is my first English travel blog. I was being lazy and always prefer to record whatever happen in my life through my lens. But this time, I felt like writing something. Maybe I was inspired by Rob Miles, who is a very funny professor I met from UK in this conference. The way he blogged the event makes me feeling like doing it as well.

I could never imagine end up in Bulgaria. By the time I confirmed my sessions with this conference, i don’t even know where exactly Sofia locates. And here I come.

This was the pre-event cocktail party with all the medias. As a speaker, I did “speed-dating” with all the journalists. Basically, we sat on the long table, every five minutes, I will be talking to a different journalist and they will ask questions. It was really a lot of fun because you have to yell at each other, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything. And I guess that partially contributed to my “interesting” voice the second day. I went back hotel quite early cause I was quite worried about the keynote at the next day. I didn’t finish preparation because I was sick days before.

End up I didn’t sleep that night and prepared for my first keynote.

Event day. The whole event was held in the largest cinema in Sofia and that’s my huge keynote stage. I couldn’t see anyone when I was on stage because of the strong light on my face. It started at 9:30 am. 9:25 am, I was seating in the audience seat. These were all cinema seats so comfortable that almost made me fell sleep. I was invited to the stage around 9:45 after a Lync live stream with another city in Bulgaria.

I guess I must looked tiny on that huge stage.And there were more than 500 audiences. But it felt great to own that big stage with bright spot light. Initially I was not so used to it because I couldn’t see audiences response. And before the session, I was told they were kind of shy. But they did laugh loud when I threw my second joke. I felt more and more comfortable from that point onwards. Even my demo had a small problem, I joked about it and didn’t get affected. My first keynote went really smooth and I was totally relaxed. I even told them at the end, “If you ask me to dance, I will dance on the stage now” to encourage them ask me questions.

Now I knew. Being a keynote speaker is not easy. There are much more pressures since you are the first to go and everyone is paying full attention. But it also felt great that you know they are concentrating. I truly learnt a lot from being a keynote speaker. Great great experience.

That’s where they featured me as a Keynote Speaker and my speaker pilot badge with AC(Technological Ace). Very nicely made.

I did another two sessions about Windows Azure and Windows Azure AppFabric. I was totally relaxed on the stage and made my audiences laugh a lot. I tried my best to bring fun to them. I always believe, it doesn’t matter which kind of contents you are delivering, there is always a way to make it fun to the audience. I didn’t have much photos about my sessions because there is always a professional photographer there. I will update photos when I get them.

Here are some photos about the event. Since it was held in a cinema, there were a lot of interesting decorations. On the right photo, Winnie was showing the direction of speaker room.

This is the event organizer Raya and she is the only DE in DPE Sofia. There are only 40 people in this sub. However, they managed to pull out this amazing event! Impressive!

Lastly, this is the gift received as a speaker. The world clock is quite interesting, by changing the airplane pin, you can easily set the world time! Every details are taken care of. Nice job team Bulgaria!

4 Responses to Bulgaria Microsoft Techdays 11 – sofia
  1. coleman yee Reply

    cool! i’m actually thinking of going to bulgaria soon. did u like it there? hardly anyone i know has been there.

    • mingfeiy Reply

      I really like Sofia. I have never been to east europe. The culture there is unique. Because I was speaking there in a event, so I had some interaction with local. They are really nice people. I had very interesting experience there. If possible, I will go back this year again.

  2. Calvin Wang Reply

    So amazing! I have never imagined to give a speak like this, however what you did do inspire me to give it a shot if there is a oppotunity out there!!!

    • mingfeiy Reply

      Happy you like it. Ya. Sofia is a very nice city to visit.

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