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Client Ecosystem for Windows Azure Media Services

This blog gives an overview of what kind of client support Microsoft offers as part of Windows Azure media Services. On one side, you could create, manage, package and deliver media asset through Windows Azure media services. Many popular streaming formats are supported, such as Smooth Streaming, Http Llive Streaming and MPEG-dash. On the other hand, we provide various SDKs and frameworks for you to consume media asset by building rich media applications rapidly on many platforms, such as PC, XBox, mobile and etc.


Today, though people started to watch videos on different devices, video streaming on desktop through browser is the most popular way for video delivery. Most businesses built rich media applications with plugin such as Silverlight or Flash. For instance, Netflix web version is built using Silverlight and Hulu web version is using Flash. This plugin approach works fine for majority of operating systems and browsers. Read More Here

How to generate Http Live Streaming (HLS) content using Windows Azure Media Services

If you want to deliver video content to iOS devices and platform, the best option you have is to package your content into Http Live Streaming. HLS is Apple’s implementation of adaptive streaming and here is some useful resources from Apple. Apple implements the format but they don’t provide hosting. You could use Apache server for hosting HLS content, but better, you could choose Windows Azure Media Services – a way to host video in the cloud. Therefore, you don’t need to manage infrastructure and worry about scalability: Azure takes care of all that for you.

Scenario One: You have a .Mp4 file and you want to package into HLS and stream out from Windows Azure Media Services.

Here is how you could do it through Windows Azure Management Portal: Read More Here

Announcing Windows Azure Media Player framework Preview for IOS

I am pleased to announce that Windows Azure Media Services team is releasing a Windows Azure Media Player Framework Preview for iOS. This new framework is released as Open Source through Github: and licensed under Apache 2.0.

Printscreen for Azure Media Player framework for IOS

What’s this framework for?

This framework enables developers to build native video application on iOS platform, which could consume secure HLS (Http live Streaming) content from Windows Azure Media Services. Mainly,this framework made easy for developers to integrate client-side advertisements. In the future we will also support various advertisement standards, such as VAST 3.0 and VMAP 1.0. Read More Here

Building video application on Windows 8 – things you want to know

If you want to build video applications on Windows 8 platform, you may find this blog useful. We (Windows Azure Media Services team) ships Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows 8 and Microsoft Media Platform Player framework (MMPPF) in addition to Windows 8 Media Foundation to help you build rich media applications.

Building Video application on Windows 8 – what are supported? 

If you are building a video application on Windows 8 and your video source is H.264 (.MP4) viagra online cheap for instance: Read More Here

Introducing Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK NuGet package

Official Windows Azure Media Services Nuget package is here: Media Services Nuget Page. And you could search it by windowsazure.mediaservices. NuGet is a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to add, remove, and update libraries and tools in Visual Studio projects that use the .NET Framework. If you have no idea what Nuget is, go and check out this overview.

Media services .NET SDK works with .NET 4.0 framework and it includes the following three components: Read More Here

Grace Hopper Conference 2012 – my two cents for working in this amazing industry as a female

I attended Grace Hooper Conference 2012 in Baltimore. And this year, there are more than 3400 attendees with mix of industry professionals, students, researchers and faculties.

First impression after I got into the conference – I have never seen so many females in one place in my entire life. Since I chose to study IT, my world has always been unbalanced. Currently, I work in Windows Azure Media Services team in Microsoft as a Program Manager and I am the only female PM in our team. However, I was lucky that for the first project I worked on, there were a female test and female developer in the team. I was depressed for almost two months when I just arrived Seattle – a city without sunshine. Without them being my trash bin, I would have left the company by that time. Read More here

Windows Azure Media Services in Teched Australia 2012

I will be presenting at Teched Australia 2012 and here are presentations and demos for these two sessions. Hope you will find this information useful. I will post videos here once they are available. Meanwhile, the same sessions are presented in Teched New Zealands 2012 by Ryan Crawcour and Nick Harris. They are awesome speakers and please check out their session videos too. Read More Here

Adding VMAP support for Windows 8 video app using Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework

This is a walk-through of how to add VMAP (Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist) support for your Windows 8 video application using Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework (aka MMPPF). If you want to know more about VMAP standard or overall advertising support for Windows 8 through MMPPF, you could refer to my the other blog.


1. Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework(download): currently this link points to Player Framework for Windows 8 Preview 5 (Refresh) and you should download and install Microsoft.PlayerFramework.vsix file showed below. It is also extremely useful to download which is a sample application contain all the features that released. Read More Here

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