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Grace Hopper Conference 2012 – my two cents for working in this amazing industry as a female

I attended Grace Hooper Conference 2012 in Baltimore. And this year, there are more than 3400 attendees with mix of industry professionals, students, researchers and faculties.

First impression after I got into the conference – I have never seen so many females in one place in my entire life. Since I chose to study IT, my world has always been unbalanced. Currently, I work in Windows Azure Media Services team in Microsoft as a Program Manager and I am the only female PM in our team. However, I was lucky that for the first project I worked on, there were a female test and female developer in the team. I was depressed for almost two months when I just arrived Seattle – a city without sunshine. Without them being my trash bin, I would have left the company by that time. Read More here

To my community friends in Singapore

As some of you guys may know, I just moved to Microsoft Redmond and in the process I learned how hard is to say goodbye. I have been working in Microsoft Singapore as a developer evangelist for the past 22 months and I am truly happy that I got to know all of you through various conferences, meet-ups, events or just emails I exchanged with the developer community. You guys’ passion for technology always inspired me. Many events we held in weekends and many UG meet-ups happened night after working hours, but people always showed up and joined the discussion actively. I respect all of you for that “willingness to learn and the love for technology”. No matter what technologies you use, as a developer, you will always find a community in Singapore. Such an amazing place for developers!
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Wake me up when September ends

This is a very busy month and finally I stopped travelling. I spent most of the time for preparing Microsoft Singapore Techdays, which will be held at Oct 13th. I was toying with Surface, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Augmented Reality, NodeJS and more. As I said in email to my friends, “Happy Geeking” everyday. Below is the event detail, and using promo code DEV0100 for $20 off. Sadly this portal below will only go live next week, so we are using a temporary page for hosting the registration:
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Rotating as a PM in R&D – Hong Kong and Shanghai experience

I started my PM rotation a few week ago and the first task was to help out a project in Hong Kong. It is a cloud project that will servers a million of customers, which is quite exciting. I stayed in CyberPort, a very quiet and peaceful place, located in the very south of Hong Kong island. And that’s also where the office located. From office, you could enjoy nice sea view. And Hong Kong office has a lot of local drinks, even a machine making milk tea. Read the rest of the post…

Visiting Microsoft Shanghai R&D

It was two weeks of visit in Microsoft Shanghai R&D center. I will be officially enrolled in a Marco Polo program next month. It is a program allow employee to go to other region and experience a different role. My new role will be a Program Manager in a Dev Team. My attached team is part of Server and Tool Business Division in Microsoft. Read the rest of the post…

Microsoft Cloud Day April 27th 2011

Last wednesday, we organized Microsoft Cloud Day at Auditorium of Microsoft Singapore. There were around 200 people came, very nice crowd. I was the host for the event, and was a Demo Monkey for one of the presentation. It was only 15 minutes about Windows Azure Appfabric caching service. I demoed about the usage of Session State cache, network cache and local cache (Lucky I remember to wirte this blog, remind me of turning off my instances in the cloud :p) . Read the rest of the post…

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