Configure AES Encryption for live streaming using Azure Media Services

We announced AES key services dynamic encryption with VOD asset last month, and now, this capability is added into live streaming. You could configure your live streaming asset to be dynamic encrypted with AES, and delivered as Http-live-streaming (HLS) or Smooth Streaming. This blog is walk-through on how you could configure it. The source code is published at our Github Sample code repository:

In my earlier post on how to configure Live Streaming using .NET SDK, there is step 8 used to create Program. When you create an asset with the Program, if you want your asset to be AES encrypted, you need to define Content Key associated with the asset, the authorization policy on content key and asset delivery policy to be dynamic encryption. Please refer to the code block below for details:

For detail explanation of how to configure AES key delivery service, please refer to

If you set the key authorization policy to open, you could quickly test your stream (AES encrypted Smooth Streaming) via Notice that we just released a new version of OSMF player to playback AES encrypted live stream For iOS or Android testing, you could just use browser to test AES encrypted HLS live stream, remember to append your streaming URL with (format=m3u8-aapl) or (format=m3u8-aapl-v3) to dynamically package the stream into HLS v4 or HLS v3 respectively.

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