Configure Widevine License delivery via Azure Media Explorer Tool

Started from Azure Media Explorer, we are adding Google Widevine license delivery. This blog is a walk-through of the steps needed and it is very simple with Azure media explorer tool. In case you missed the announcement, please check out more Widevine license delivery service details here.

1. Upload a media file and encode it with Media Standard Encoder to multiple bitrates Mp4. Dynamic packaging and encryption will only work on multiple bitrates Mp4 as input. This requires you to have at least 1 reserved streaming unit on your account.
2. After the encoding job is completed, right click on the asset and choose security -> Add Dynamic encryption and key delivery policies to the asset.

3. Step 1 is to select protection mode and protocols. If you don’t select DASH, then Widevine won’t show up in the box below. If you select DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming, and you select PlayReady and Widevine, we will deliver PlayReady encrypted content over all three protocols, but only Widevine encrypted content over DASH.


4. Step 2 is remain unchanged, which generates a content key for you to encrypt your content.

5. Step 3 is to configure license delivery. If you choose both PlayReady and Widevine, you can specify content key authorization policy for each DRM. You can choose Token Authorization or open policy. We support both SWT and JWT as token format.

6. Last step is to define Widevine policy restriction for your content. Please refer to this MSDN documentation for more details. We will compose a JSON message for the license requests and send to the server to deliver corresponding Widevine license. This tool may not cover all the fields you need, so please use SDK to configure those fields.

7. Publish the asset by creating a streaming locator. And right click on the file to choose to playback via Azure Media Player. If you have configured Token Authorization, this tool will create a test token for you and launch the player with streaming locators and token as a parameter. Please remember Widevine DRM content can only be played in Chrome via HTML5 EME. Please check out a sample here yourself:

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