Easy way to debug for your PlayReady playback

This blog describes how you could easily get PlayReady encrypted stream playback error log through http://smf.cloudapp.net/healthmonitor.

1. Paste your streaming URL into “Stream URL” textbox and hit Play button.

2. Go to the “Logs” tab on the tab set on the Left.  Then hit the Save Logs button.

3. Save the Log zip file somewhere locally.

4. Open the zip file and the log file inside it.  Attached is an example.

5. Look through the log file for DRM related errors.  The Silverlight DRM errors are all in the 60XX range.  Here is a list of the errors and a brief description of what they mean. If you look in the attached log file you will find the following line:

3/28/2014 4:54:23 AM    SmoothStreamingMediaElement             OnMediaFailed                 MediaElement  Informational    Media has failed: 6018 The content key in the license doesn’t match the content key used to encrypt the content        1              SSME_1

This tells you that the content was encrypted with a different key than was in the license.  The client knows this because the checksum in the content header is different than the checksum of the content key in the license.

Searching through the log for “60” or “600” produces a lot of false hits so searching for “OnMediaFailed” or even just “fail” is often faster.

[Credit] Thanks Quintin who pointing to me this easy way to figure error out.

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