Half Day tour in Bulgaria

I had half day time in Bulgaria to tour around the city. It was a sunny Thursday afternoon, nice and relax.

This was Alxander Nevski Church in Sofia, one of the attractions. It was completed by 1912 and as built as a memorial to the 200,000 Russian soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish Liberation War. I happen to pass by this place at night as well. I love the round shape top and the shinning gold.

I spent most of time walking on the street. It was very easy to tour around Sofia since all the attractions are in the central area.

I crossed through this park. It was a sunny day and a band was performing there. I sat there for quite a while. Watching people passing while enjoying the music.

I didn’t have chance to try public transportation in Sofia. They have a lot of this type of trains/buses, very classic and interesting. Also, whenever I cross the road, cars will always stop to let people pass first.

This is the yellow road of Sofia. There is a mastery that people came from other provinces will always try to bring back a brick on yellow road, to show others they have been to the capital of Bulgaria. After walking for a while, I finally found this “missing” brick on the road. =D

Here are more buildings at Sofia. Very nice church.

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