Introducing Extensions for Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK

I am excited to introduce this great open source project – Extensions for Windows Azure Media Services by Mariano Converti from Southworks. Microsoft has been working with Southworks for many projects and as mentioned by Mariano in his blog, the motivation for this project is that “I wanted to have it <SDK> available in a more consumable and reusable way instead of having to search/copy/paste/tweak the code every time.”

This SDK extension library contains a set of extension methods and helpers for the Windows Azure Media Services SDK for .NET. Here are some major functions such as:

    • • Create a locator
    • • Create an Asset from a single local file or a local folder
    • • Generate Asset Files from Blob storage
    • • Download Asset Files to a local folder
    • • Get manifest Asset File, Smooth Streaming URL, HLS URL or MPEG-DASH URL
    • • Get the latest Media Processor by name
    • • Parse Media Services error messages in XML format

You could find all resources through the links below: 

  • Here is how you could quickly set up a project that utilize this great library. And you could download the finished project here.
  • 1. Open Visual studio and choose .NET Framework 4.5. This library is based on .NET 4.5 and it won’t compile against .NET 4.0.
  • OpenProject2. Right Click on Reference folder and enter Windowsazure.mediaservices in the search box. Choose extensions for Windows Azure Media Services and click on Install. After that a few DLLs will be installed and you will see a MediaServicesExtensions folder with two .cs classes. That’s where you find helpers class implementation.
  • DownloadNuGet3. Below are all the code you need to paste into main method and remember to change acc_name and acc_key to your account credential. The code below create an asset from local path, encode into multiple bit-rates Mp4 and print out Smooth Streaming URL, DASH URL and HLS URL. Lastly, download the encoding output into local drive. This is a sample of using our dynamic packaging feature and you will need at least one streaming reserved unit.

  • If you have used Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK, you will see in order to get a smooth streaming URL, you need to write at least 10 lines of code, but now by using this extension, you could just call .GetSmoothStreamingURL().This extension library truly made developer’s life a lot easier.
  • 4. Lastly, add a few namespace and you are ready to go. I have a input demo.mp4 stored under C drive and you could change that to some other directory. After hitting F5, this is the end result you are getting. We host a player at and you could try your Smooth Streaming content here.
  • outputPlease contact Mariano if you have any questions and all contribution to Extensions of WAMS Github project are welcome!
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