Windows Azure Media Services Session info for Build 2012

This blog post is for my session 3-035 Building video applications on Windows 8 with Windows Azure Media Services. This session should be over by the time this post available. And I apologize if I failed to squeeze everything into one hour. However, I do hope you enjoyed session and I’d love to listen to your feedback.

Here is all the materials I promised. 

Demo 1: Sign up services through Windows Azure portal and experience some of services built on top of Media Services SDK


Demo 2: Convert .Mp4 into Smooth Streaming and streaming it! Source code download
(Remember to replace the accKey and accName inside the file.)
Detail explanation through my other blog and video.


Demo 3: Building Video Application by using Media Player Framework 
    • Part 1: Advertising support for Media Player framework on Windows 8 (Link)
    • Part 2: DEMO VAST advertisement support for Media Player Framework on Windows 8 (Source Code download)
    • Part 3: Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework for windows 8 – closed caption support (link)


  • Additional Reading:
  • • Building video application on Windows 8 – things you want to know (Link)
  • • Adding VMAP support for Windows 8 video app using Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework (link)


Meanwhile, as I mentioned, I don’t have time to explain why Adaptive Streaming is the future, but you could check out some explanation through my blog:


If you have any questions, feel free to email me (yanmf at or ping me on twitter (@mingfeiy)! Enjoy #Build!
Update: you could catch the session on Channel 9 now:
3 Responses to Windows Azure Media Services Session info for Build 2012
  1. levent camlibel Reply

    Hi Mingfei
    I really enjoyed your session. I have a question for you. I can see that media services can provide streaming for windows as smooth streaming and specific stream to IOS. What about android? what streaming format is suitable for it?


    • mingfeiy Reply

      Hi Levent, I am glad you like it. You guys are very nice audiences! For Android, it adds supports HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) since Android 3.0. And I find this blog for you Meanwhile, you could also consider Smooth Streaming but you need to work with partners like Authentec, Irdeto, Nextstreaming. You could use our Media Services to encode/convert content into HLS or Smooth Streaming.

  2. Ashwani Reply

    I used Smooth Streaming Code provided here.
    The manifest file generated by the code contains only one quality tag

    …however when I look at the manifest file uploaded at link:

    contains multiple quality tags. May be due to this difference this video have smooth streaming on slow connection by my video does not have smooth streaming on slow connection. Please suggest.

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