Microsoft Cloud Day April 27th 2011

Last wednesday, we organized Microsoft Cloud Day at Auditorium of Microsoft Singapore. There were around 200 people came, very nice crowd. I was the host for the event, and was a Demo Monkey for one of the presentation. It was only 15 minutes about Windows Azure Appfabric caching service. I demoed about the usage of Session State cache, network cache and local cache (Lucky I remember to wirte this blog, remind me of turning off my instances in the cloud :p) .

I will publish all my codes later through . There are two very important points about configrations. Firstly, it’s better to uninstall Windows Server Appfabric. Otherwise, the application will recognize the wrong assembles. Secondly, my corp net couldn’t allow port 22233 traffic. I have to connect to non-corp internet. Set up definitely costed me more time than demo code itself.

There are a lot of lessons learnt through this event. For cloud this topic, there is always a mix of audiences from decision makers to developers. Therefore, it is hard to please everyone compared to a web event, which has more specific audiences. Lucky this time we had all kinds of contents to satisfy everyone. From the event response, cloud is definitely a big big thing. Everyone wants to jump on board. However, it is also chanllenging. There are so many different offers in the market. The most common questions we receive from this event is the comparison between Amazon and Windows Azure.

Here are some event photos with my lovely team. Most of the decisions were made through virtual meeting since I was away last month. The more I talk about cloud, the more I feel the excitement from industry. The changes have already been there and you don’t have a choice but to embrace it.

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