Announcing Smooth Streaming Client SDK v2.0

I am pleased to announce the release of Smooth Streaming Client v2.0 for desktop and Windows Phone. You could get the SDK here and more excitingly, you could use this refreshed Media framework based on this SDKs to start building video streaming applications in Silverlight on Desktop or Windows Phone.

It has been over two years since the first release of Smooth Streaming Client SDK. As for today, after three major releases, Smooth Streaming Client SDK gets much mature. This .Net based framework has features include simple controls such as Play, Pause, and Stop, as well as more complex functionality such as full DVR, Instant Replay, Live Advertisement Insertion, Multiple Camera Angles, and Seek (Fast Forward/Rewind) capabilities. It has been used by major players in the media industry, such as NBC, Comcast, Rai TV, France24, Time warner Cable, Cablevision and many more.

Whenever you think about building a media applications, you should consider at least two things: how to serve your media content and how to let your viewers watch your content.

1. Encode and Serve your content. 

It’s certainly expensive to encode contents into many different formats cause different client understand different content. You want to find one solution to be able to serve contents to all kinds of devices! Microsoft Media Service provides your options to encode your content into industry standards – such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming .Mp4 and etc. Once you encode your media, all those files will be served in our media server in the cloud and you don’t need to worry about scaling and edge delivery. If you are interested in encode and serve your content in the cloud, you could check out Microsoft Nimbus Media Service.

2. Build your application on multiple devices.

You need to build application for different devices, such as iPhone, Windows 8, PC desktop, XBox and Windows Phone. Good news is we have all client-side SDKs available for you to connect to your content in our media server. This blog is about our Smooth Streaming Client SDKs for desktop and Windows Phone. We also have Client development SDKs for Windows 8. And you could check details from Media PM Cenk Dingiloglu’s blog.

Now, I think the best learning starts from trying it yourself. You could certainly check out our developer portal to try some demo codes. Lastly, for our old friends of Smooth Streaming Client SDK, here are some changes we have made in version 2.0. We had a lot of fun of building it, and hope you will enjoy the new features as well!

We added in the following scenarios in Microsoft Smooth Streaming Client SDKs 2.0:

  1. Insert Advertisements with replacing the existing conten. User could choose to rewind and playback advertisements as well.
  2. Enable real 24 by 7 content availability for broadcast company. Developer could control the size of DVR window upon client’s request. [Feature Walkthrough]
  3. Provide API access for obtaining data chunk download information, such as whether data chunk gets successfully downloaded.[Feature Walkthrough]
  4. Enable key rotation for content provider, by prefeching root licenses for authorized channels.
  5. Update our cache plugin properties for enabling more flexible implementation. Now if you are implementing video downloader instead of using default Smooth Streaming Media Element downloader, you could set Http web request URL. Meanwhile, after downloading the data chunk, client has the flexibility to manipulate Perceived Bandwidth or Selected tracks. [Feature Walkthrough]

Lastly, you could download the Smooth Streaming Client SDKs v2.0 here and Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework v2.7 here. keep calm and code on.

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  1. Mike Reply

    Do you have any insight on when the Windows Phone client will support multiple resolutions?

    This is a real stopper for good quality video on the device.

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