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How to use API connector to deliver AES encrypted video

This blog demonstrates how to use API connector to deliver AES encrypted video with token authentication. Azure Media Services API connector allows you to stand up a web services with a set of simple APIs enabled, so you could upload, encode, encrypt and deliver a video content. The authentication mechanism for your API access are built-in.

API connector hosts the following set of APIs for you and these APIs are making calls to Azure Media Services REST APIs to perform corresponding actions. For instance, once you mark your video upload completed, AMS will start to encode video with multiple-bitrate 720P profile, configure the video to be AES 128 encrypted by supplying a content key and token authorization policy, lastly publish the video so you could get a streaming URL to stream your video. As you can see, we simply all these steps you need to do with AMS APIs to only one API call with API connector. Read more here

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