Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper Conference 2012 – my two cents for working in this amazing industry as a female

I attended Grace Hooper Conference 2012 in Baltimore. And this year, there are more than 3400 attendees with mix of industry professionals, students, researchers and faculties.

First impression after I got into the conference – I have never seen so many females in one place in my entire life. Since I chose to study IT, my world has always been unbalanced. Currently, I work in Windows Azure Media Services team in Microsoft as a Program Manager and I am the only female PM in our team. However, I was lucky that for the first project I worked on, there were a female test and female developer in the team. I was depressed for almost two months when I just arrived Seattle – a city without sunshine. Without them being my trash bin, I would have left the company by that time. Read More here

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