Building video application on Windows 8 – things you want to know

If you want to build video applications on Windows 8 platform, you may find this blog useful. We (Windows Azure Media Services team) ships Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows 8 and Microsoft Media Platform Player framework (MMPPF) in addition to Windows 8 Media Foundation to help you build rich media applications.

Building Video application on Windows 8 – what are supported? 

If you are building a video application on Windows 8 and your video source is H.264 (.MP4) viagra online cheap for instance: Read More Here

Adding VMAP support for Windows 8 video app using Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework

This is a walk-through of how to add VMAP (Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist) support for your Windows 8 video application using Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework (aka MMPPF). If you want to know more about VMAP standard or overall advertising support for Windows 8 through MMPPF, you could refer to my the other blog.


1. Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework(download): currently this link points to Player Framework for Windows 8 Preview 5 (Refresh) and you should download and install Microsoft.PlayerFramework.vsix file showed below. It is also extremely useful to download which is a sample application contain all the features that released. Read More Here

Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework for windows 8 – closed caption support

This blog is for demoing how to add closed caption for video by using Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework (MMPPF). MMPPF supports both Plain text and Timed Text closed caption.

This sample is build with Windows 8 RTM and Player framework preview 5, using Visual Studio 2012 RTM.

1. Open Visual studio 2012, Select File -> New -> Project…, Choose under JavaScript -> Blank App. Continue read here

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