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Windows Azure Media Services in Teched Australia 2012

I will be presenting at Teched Australia 2012 and here are presentations and demos for these two sessions. Hope you will find this information useful. I will post videos here once they are available. Meanwhile, the same sessions are presented in Teched New Zealands 2012 by Ryan Crawcour and Nick Harris. They are awesome speakers and please check out their session videos too. Read More Here

DEMO Windows Azure Media Services – how to convert .mp4 to smooth streaming format

This blog will walk-through how you could access Windows Azure Media Services programmatically, and convert a .MP4 file into Smooth Streaming format. Before getting started, you should have the following items prepared:

  • • Create a Media Services account in a new or existing Windows Azure subscription. If you don’t have one, you could check out my blog Getting started with Windows Azure Media Services.
  • • Windows Azure SDK 1.6 (November 2011): [link]
  • • Windows Azure Media Services SDK (June 2012 Preview): [link]
  • • WCF Data Services 5.0 for OData V3: [link]
  • • Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and .NET framework 3.5 SP1 and 4

Now, after installing all these, we could start coding. And you could download the finished code in case you couldn’t follow. Read more here

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