Those nice coffee shops in Singapore

Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.

I had quite a number of coffee shops visits in Singapore since last year. And here is a summary for all these lovely places. Till now, I still haven’t finished this blog but I have left Singapore. I will definitely finish it some day.

1. My all time favorite – forty hands

It is very close to my place in charming Tiong Bahru. Forty hands makes great coffee. The Dou Sha Bao reminds of home all the time. I never miss their pork bun(they call it Asian Sliders). Their stuff are very friendly. During weekends, they serve brunch and this place usually gets very crowded. I always order Egg Benedict and fresh orange juice!

Forty hands

That was my last day in Singapore before I left and I had a photo with people who are working there. I love how I always see my name appears on the customer receipt.

2. Our mobile office – Jewel Coffee
Address: 1 Shenton Way #01-07
Jewel is very close to our office and naturally it becomes our team generating place. The coffee here is very good. I love the pancake max for breakfast.

3. Jimmy Monkey – best egg Benedict
I visit Jimmy Monkey very often. This place has very nice set up- high ceiling and vintage home-feel decoration. They give monkey pattern for kids to color. A lot of people stay One North will come by. Usually on weekends, you see a lot of families. However, this place doesn’t get too crowded. Staff here are very friendly as well.
Jimmy Monkey
4. Toby Estate
Address: 8 Rodyk st, #01-03/04 Singapore
Toby Estate was from Brazil and open the first store in Singapore(Asia) a few months ago. They are not only serving coffee and food, but also sells beans and coffee accessories. I came with friends and my team a  couple of times. The coffee is good but didn’t try any food except the bakery. They provide free wifi. It is easy to find seats in weekday but gets really crowded on weekends.

5. Restore
Address: 124 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore

Restore is not a typical cafe. It mainly sells old furniture. But you could get nice waffles! This place is easy to miss.

6. Plain
It locates at 50 Craig Road, #01-01 Singapore 089688.
I have only been there once, tried sandwiches and coffee there. You will feel the whole place very PLAIN – exactly as they name themselves. I don’t remember I could access Wifi there. Quite like the little quote they put up on their website:

It is popular wisdom that if at the end of a romantic evening out you get invited in for a coffee, you’ve got a chance to make it between the sheets.-Andrew May

7. Black Coffee

8. Fika
Fika is located at the edge of Arab Street, easily accessed by taking MRT to Bugis and talk about 5 minutes. It is a swedish cafe with nice swedish meat ball. I have been to Fika twice, the first I got a chance to check out their second floor. It is really nice with vintage sofa, fourniture and even fire place (of course, there won’t be fire inside). It is ideal for group gathering with large space they have.

9. Papa palheta
Papa Palheta is an independent coffee boutique, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in Singapore. They don’t serve food and interestingly their coffee doesn’t have a pricing. You pay tips only for the coffee you order.

I do love the place a lot. They have very vintage decoration and nice backyard with stone chairs and bamboos. It feels like my grandpa’s place. This place is not very easy to find. It is not by the street but could be accessed through the back (there is a carpark there).

10. Highlander Coffee
11. Loysel’s Toy
12. Kith Cafe
Kith Cafe is not far away from Toby’s Estate. The place itself is quite small but they have a lot of chairs outside – very comfortable chairs. This cafe doesn’t have wifi. It was great to come to Kith in a weekend afternoon and chill out with friends. That was what I did.

13. Shots (Ann Siang Hill)
Shots is located at 8 Ann Siang Hill Singapore 069788 and you could check out their website

I have only been there once with Shen Shen on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t very crowded. The coffee was nice and the whole cafe is very artistic with nice paintings. I didn’t try any food. If you want to find a place to catch up with friends, it is a nice cafe to go.

14. The Muffinry
This cafe opens very early in the morning and they serve great fresh-based muffins with nice coffee. People here are extremely friendly and I think it’s a family business here.

15. The smitten coffee and tea
It is at The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, #01-11, Singapore.
This cafe serves good coffee and it goes well with a slice of cheese cake. The space is limited but it has a big table at the end. They have nice blackboard art in front of the cafe.

16. CoffeeSmith
17. Oriole Coffee (Orchard and Raffles place)
18. Rider’s Cafe
19. The orange Thimble
20. The Pigeonhole
21. Drips Bakery cafe
22. L’Etoile Cafe
Location: 160 Owen Road, Singapore
This place is hidden and quite hard to find. However, it is amazingly cozy. They have two floors, the first floor is normal with nice sofa. But you definitely need to check out the second floor. They have the old furniture nicely set up and I love that vintage typewriter the most. They server regular coffee, tea and some food here. Great and casual place to hang out with friends.

23. Dome Cafe
24. Real Food
25. Group Therapy
Address: 49 Duxton Road, Singapore
This place is not very easy to find. It is at second floor with a very narrow entrance at ground floor. This cafe has a lot of spaces with nice decoration. I even organized event here. They have one side could be closed as a room itself, with wifi, charging spot and projector.

My friend ordered Poached Egg with Salmon, tastes good! Food there is mostly around $15+. Overall, it is a very cozy place, good for friends gathering, or working there for a while.
26. Spurce

27. Food for Thought
28. Book Cafe
29. Dimblah Cafe

At the end

One of my dreams is to open a cafe in 10 years time. It is a place that serve great coffee and nice food – with egg. I will provide very high speed wifi and mobile/laptop charging station. There will be PAC-MAN and IRON MAN posters in my coffee shop. People will enjoy nice music and Nyan Cat occasionally. Every checkin gets discount and the mayor will be invited to take instant photos with us.

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  1. mkmalaluan Reply

    mingfei :) wow! nice review… ur still charming.. 40hands miss u!

  2. Garry Goh Reply

    nice work Mingfei!! that’s a lot of cafe reviews! :)

  3. Bill Reply

    Came across your website looking for a coffee shop in which to spend an afternoon editing an article. Many thanks for the write up. I was at forty hands yesterday and loved it.

    Coffee, photography and technology, You’ve earned yourself a new subscriber.

  4. Grace Reply

    Occasional nyan cat and pacman posters sounds fabulous
    Let us know when you open up your future cafe

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