Using iPhone to live stream with Azure Media Services

This blog shows how you could easily stream live using an iPhone with Azure Media Services and WireCast.

1. Install WireCast Cam iOS application: Essentially this is an application that push live video feed into WireCast desktop application. Azure Media Services accept RTMP as ingest protocol, if you don’t need to live transcode your video into multiple bitrates, any RTMP client could be used to send video feed into Azure Media Services ingest URL. For this demo, we choose to use Wirecast Cam application.

2. Once you installed the application, you will need Wirecast 6 as well, you can get a trail version here: Azure Media Services will launch live transcoding capability in a few months, and by that time, you will no longer need a software transcoding software.

3. Make sure your laptop and iPhone are within the same wifi network. Once, you did that, when open the application, you will find IP address in the setting of WireCast Cam application. You could also customize Bitrate and resolution which best work with your network speed.

4. Open Wirecast desktop application, choose Wirecast Cam as one of the video source. Remember to press Start on your iPhone Wirecast Cam and set the ip as what showed on your phone. Within a couple of seconds, you should be able to preview video feed from your Wirecast video source.
setsource5. Add this Wirecast Cam as your video source and press the arrow below preview window, so this becomes what actually going to stream.

getsource6. Now we have configured your iPhone to succesfully push live video stream to your desktop. We will then start stream live with Azure Media Services.

7. This require you to have an Azure account and create a live channel with Azure Media Services. Remember to choose RTMP as ingest point.


8. After that, it takes about 2 minutes to get a live channel set up. You will see a ingest URL appear in the portal, and please copy that. From this step onwards, I am doing a brief walkthrough on Azure Media Services Live Streaming set up, for a more detailed set up, please refer to this blog for more technical details.

9. Press Stream button in Wirecast software, and choose Azure Media Services as the streaming backend. Now, paste the ingest URL into address field showed as below.

output10. Click on OK and press stream. When it turns RED, the video is getting transcoded into multiple bitrates and send into the cloud for live streaming. By pressing Start streaming button in Azure Portal, you could see the video gets live archived in the cloud. The stream URL can be retrieved from portal. This link shows you this 5 minutes of beautiful sunset I streamed through my iPhone. If you have any questions, feel free to ping me at


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