Windows Azure Media Services in Teched Australia 2012

I will be presenting at Teched Australia 2012 and here are presentations and demos for these two sessions. Hope you will find this information useful. I will post videos here once they are available. Meanwhile, the same sessions are presented in Teched New Zealands 2012 by Ryan Crawcour and Nick Harris. They are awesome speakers and please check out their session videos too.

AZR215 Video Streaming from cloud – an overview of Windows Azure Media Services
Session info:
Presentation slide:

I will be doing a few demos in the presentation:
– Detail explanation of what Media Azure Media Services is: blog link
– Sign up for Windows Azure Media Services: Step by step instruction from this blog.
– Convert .Mp4 into Smooth Streaming: Walkthrough tutorial | demo video
– Smooth Streaming Health Monitor player: blog link
– Contoso application in the presentation is under construction and we will release code as open source soon

WCL332 Building Video Application on Windows 8 with Windows Azure Media Service
Session Info:
Presentation slide:

Demos and useful link:
– Advertising support Media Player Framework on Windows 8: blog link
– Adding VMAP support code sample: blog link(with code)
– Closed Caption with MMPPF on Windows 8: blog link(with code)
– Building Windows Store app with Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 2: blog link(with code)

If you have more questions about Windows Azure Media Services, feel free to reach out to me ( or post your question on our forum.

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  1. Jake Reply

    Excellent! Thank you! looks like you’re having fun in AU…

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