Useful resources for Windows Azure Media Services

This blog provides some information and links to learn Windows Azure Media Services and I hope you found it useful.

If you are new to Windows Azure Media Services, here is how you could get started:

  • • Read the major features and scenarios through Windows Azure website
  • • .NET tutorial for getting started with Media services (link)
  • • Please ask questions on Windows Azure Media Services Forum (link)
  • • Pricing detail for Windows Azure Media Services (link)

REST APIs and SDK summary:

Useful Blog:

  • 1. Ideas on technology and media by PM John Deutscher (blog link)
  • 2. Media streaming and workflow automation by PM Nick Drouin (blog link)
  • 3. Windows Azure media services SDK developer George Trifonov (blog link)
  • 4. Southworks developer Mariano Converti (blog link)
  • 5. Media Player Framework developer Tim Greenfield (blog link)
  • 6. I guess you have already found my blog and hope its helpful :)
  • 7. Windows Azure Media Services Twitter list to subscribe (link)

Useful tools/demo sites

  • 1. Silverlight player for testing Smooth Streaming video source (health monitor)
  • 2. DASH JS reference player by DASH IF (player link)

Specific topic documentation/article:

[Blog] MPEG DASH preview from Windows Azure Media Services by John Deutscher
[Blog] MPEG-DASH Tutorial: Embedding an adaptive streaming video within your HTML5 application
[Whitepaper] Interoperability, Digital Rights Management and the Web by John Simmons

Dynamic Packaging:
[Demo app] How to create HLS and Smooth Streaming using dynamic packaging by Mingfei Yan
[Video tutorial] Introduction to Dynamic Packaging with Windows Azure Media Services by Nick Drouin
[Blog] Dynamic Packaging and Encoding and Streaming Reserved Units by Nick Drouin

[MSDN] Supported Codecs and File Types for Windows Azure Media Encoder (link)
[MSDN] Encoder Guide (link)

Client Development:
[MSDN] Developing Windows Azure Media Services Client Applications (link)
[Blog] Building video application on Windows 8 – things you want to know by Mingfei Yan
[Blog] Client ecosystem for Windows Azure Media Services by Mingfei Yan

Video and presentation slides:
[Build 2013] Building end-to-end video experience with Windows Azure Media Services (link)
[Video series] Channel 9 WAMS series (link)
[Slideshare] series of Windows Azure Media Services Presentation slides (link)

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